2022 Terms & Conditions

  1. The rights of refusal of entry and removal from the Airshow site are reserved by the Organiser.
  2. Vaccine passes will be required upon entry to the show as per Government guidelines, Photo ID will be requested too.
  3. Face coverings/masks are recommended but not mandatory as the event is outdoors and having the vaccine pass in place.
  4. The organisers reserve the right to add, alter, withdraw or substitute performances, displays or exhibits of any type at any time without notice.
  5. If the Airshow programme is cancelled or abandoned prior to the programme commencing then a refund of the purchase price of the tickets, less a $5 administration fee for each ticket may be applied for, provided proof of purchase is submitted.
  6. If the Airshow programme is cancelled or abandoned after the programme has commenced (due to adverse weather conditions, or any other cause reasonably beyond the Organiser’s control), there will be no refund in whole or in part
  7. In the event of a programme cancellation or abandonment, there will be no reinstatement of the programme at a later date.
  8. The nature of the Airshow activities includes the risk of personal injury to persons inside the entry gates. While the Organiser will take all reasonable steps to minimise risk, it is a condition of entry that persons recognise that the Organiser is unable to eliminate all risks.
  9. Ticket quantities are limited and subject to availability.
  10. Photography for private use is permitted. Commercial use of images taken at the Airshow, other than use by bone fide media, is permitted only by the consent of the Organisers.
  11. Dogs [except registered guide dogs] and other pet animals or birds are not allowed to be brought onto the airfield site, including airfield car parks.
  12. No alcoholic beverage or any weapon or laser pointer, is permitted to be brought through the entry gates or otherwise onto the site, except by persons explicitly authorised by the Organiser.
  13. The Organiser does not accept responsibility for negligent acts or omissions on the Airshow site, or while performing any act as part of a display, by persons other than the Organiser, officials, servants or agents.
  14. Vehicles are not permitted to remain overnight in parking areas on the airfield, except where specifically authorised by the Organiser.
  15. Vehicles parked in non-authorised areas and those obstructing the entry or egress of other Airshow patrons will be removed at the owner’s expense.
  16. NO Smoking allowed on the airfield as the airfield is a Smokefree environment.

A group of passionate individuals got together to achieve this dream of creating Classic Flyers to protect the rich and precious history of New Zealand aviation.

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