2022 GA Aircraft Parking


GA Aircraft Parking at the Air Show

Air Show tickets will be needed to enter the show after arrival
To purchase these please click on EventFinda and follow the instructions, Vaccine Passes will be required on the day, these can either be uploaded with your ticket or brought with you on the day.

VFR arrivals
Overhead circuit joining will not be permitted. Refer to the AIP Vol 4 Tauranga VFR preferred arrival procedures.

After Landing Procedures
After landing, aircraft will receive instructions from Tauranga TOWER to vacate the runway. Visiting aircraft will be directed one of two visitor parking areas:
Eastern GA parking - at the eastern end of runway 25 grass - adjacent to Tauranga Aero Club.
Western GA parking - at the western end of taxiway WHISKEY (refer diagram)
Once clear of all runways, aircraft requiring further taxi and parking assistance should change to Tauranga GROUND (123.4MHz)

VFR Departures
Refer to the AIP Vol 4 Tauranga VFR departure procedures.
Listen to the ATIS (126.6MHz) then contact Tauranga GROUND stating location on aerodrome and requesting preferred VFR departure procedure.
Departure and taxi instructions will be provided by Tauranga GROUND. When at the holding point for the runway in use change to and monitor Tauranga TOWER (118.3MHz).
When NR one in the queue and ready to depart, report "callsign" READY".
GA Aircraft Parking

A group of passionate individuals got together to achieve this dream of creating Classic Flyers to protect the rich and precious history of New Zealand aviation.

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