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2017 Hot Rods Dragsters & Superbikes



Promoted as some of the fastest land vehicles in New Zealand, how fast can these vehicles really go, as fast as an aircraft, or faster?


In the Cliffhangar landspeed trials south of Carterton on November 6th, 2016 Landspeed New Zealand Association’s John Seccombe reached 299.53kph/161knots/186.12mph for the ¼ mile (402 metre) sprint. Check out the You Tube clip below.

John reports  “ Watch the key ring being lifted by the vacuum behind the screen. To slow down at that speed we cannot sit up to slow down until the speed has dropped to below 265kph the wind force is so great on the face of your helmet, it feels like someone is bashing you".

That is faster than a Cessna 220, or Helicopters Robin 44 , or Bell Jet Ranger or Fletcher turboprop Pac Cresco, It is the speed of a Boeing 747 approaching the airport and faster than the take off speed of a Boeing 747.

But Mike Wilkins son Scott on the Kawasaki H2R did 205.36mph/330.5kph/178 knots at this event.

Here is Scott’s run on the Kawasaki H2R very impressive

At the Ashburton Speed trials on a closed public road Dec 3rd, 2016 because run up distance and braking distance too short, John did this in 5th gear Ashburton with a Speed trial run to 308.7kph top speed and 301kph average speed on a 2014 Suzuki Hayabusa Motorbike. John broke the land speed record for this event and road, beating 700hp race cars, and the timing recorded a average speed over 400 meters of 301kph. He says it’s on his bucket list to do 200mph/323kph next year at 68 years old.

The superbikes expected at the airshow include:

Kawasaki factory racer HR2 the only one in NZ being ridden is owned by ex Director of Kawasaki NZ, Mike Wilkins, ridden by his son Scott ( Both father and son are experienced racers)

Kawasaki H2 a detuned road version, but tweaked up, owned and ridden by Tony Wilson

Kawasaki ZX14 ( Highly modified) owned and ridden by Alan Thoresen (NZ Dragracing champion, and Bonneville racer) on his

Kawasaki ZX10R ( Modified) owned and ridden by Walter Rands-Trevor ( This is the bike he races at Bonneville Salt Lake events)

Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 2 ( Modified) owned and ridden by John Seccombe, Dec 3rd at Sth Island Ashburton speed trials came first, beating even 700hp cars in 5th gear 308.7kph/191mph ( Event didn’t have enough run up or braking distance to stay in 6th gear )

BMW RR1000HP4 racer owned and ridden by Brent Dickenson.

For further information on Landspeed New Zealand Association email John and check out


Also taking part in the airshow is the BOP Drag Racing Association.

The BOP Drag Racing Association was formed in 2013 to bring together racers and like-minded people to help support the building of an International Drag Strip at TECT All Terrain Park, conveniently located on State Highway 36, Pyes Pa Road 39 kms south of Tauranga and 37kms north of Rotorua. BOPDRA became incorporated in 2014 and currently has more than 80 financial members and has commenced fundraising for the progression of the drag strip. The committee has been working closely with OPUS, Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council, who have all been very supportive. All council consents are now in place and everything is moving forward in a positive manner.

The mission statement of the BOP Drag Racing Association Inc is "To foster and promote drag racing in the Bay of Plenty community in a friendly, fun and safe environment for families and individuals both young and old...".

Expect to see up to 50 vehicles on display by the association members.

For further information, or to become a member of the BOPDRA please visit or

Drag Racing

Nissan GT-R 35

The Farmer Autovillage has been involved in most of the Tauranga City Airshows. In the past the latest speedy Nissan has raced down the runway against various aircraft.

This airshow the latest GT-R will be on the runway. This car takes only 2.9 seconds to go from 0 -60mph. The spec for the Nissan GTR is 3.8l twin turbo 419kw @ 6800rpm, 570hp AWD, Kerb weight 1765kgs, weight distribution 54/46.

Coefficient drag is 0.26 versus a bullet @ 0.27.

Brakes, Brembo 4 pots on rear & 6 pot on the front, 2 piece floating rotors, 390 front, 380 rear.

Nissan  GTR35

Can this speedy car beat a Yak 55 aircraft? Find out the answer at the airshow.


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