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Skyhawk Reassembly Image Gallery 3

Check out the following images taken by Classic Flyers Volunteer Geoff Tansley of the unloading and reassembly of Skyhawk NZ6201 in the main hangar of Classic Flyers on Wednesday 23rd May.

If you want to see the RNZAF team in action filmed on a stop motion camera go to this web site at Sunlive. It is really impressive.

Day 3 (Final Assembly)

Things moved at such a rapid pace today that the aicraft was fully assembled and rolled out of the hangar by lunchtime. Clearly the team assembling the aircraft have had a lot of practise! Over the next week or so we will move the aircraft into its final display position in the hangar alongside new display cabinets where it will become a cornerstone of our displays on the rich aviation heritage of New Zealand. 

IMG 0017
The undercarriage is lowered so that it can finally stand on its own legs
IMG 0022
The tail section is manouvered onto thespecial lifting dolly
IMG 0033
The two halves of the fuselage come together with a push and a shove
IMG 0041
Bolts are tightened to secure the two halves together
IMG 0041 (2)
THe fuel drop tanks are lifted into position (you would'nt do it that way if they were full)!
IMG 0040
Fixing and fittings are joined and connections checked
IMG 0042
Job Done!
IMG 0047
First look in the cockpit. It's pretty tight in there! A shame that some of the Project Kahu avionics has been removed for security reasons
IMG 0053
Tony "Hank" Hancock and the team of RNZAF engineers pose in front of their completed assembly project the Douglas A4K Skyhawk NZ6201


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