Intermediate & Secondary Schools

Classic Flyers can now offer a Flight School experience to Intermediate age and above students that integrates with the New Zealand School Curriculum. The Flight School 101 experience consists of a classroom style setup in a Hangar surrounded by real aircraft used to illustrate and demonstrate the following subjects:
  • The Theory of Flight – how airplanes fly
  • Aircraft Controls and the forces involved
  • Basic Cockpit instrumentation
  • How Piston & Jet Engines Work
  • Experiment with models on flight Control
  • Discussion on the Phonetic Alphabet

The Flight School 101 class is complimented by a tour of the Classic Flyers Museum where students identify the different aircraft types, wing styles and engines discussed in the Flight School 101 class. Students will be able to get inside and interact directly with many exhibits to enhance the learning experience. Also available is a tour of the Fire and Crash Department of the Tauranga Airport where students can see a demonstration of the Fire Truck and hear how the vehicle is put to use in an emergency. For a downloadable information sheet Click here.

Agenda:   This agenda is only a guide and we can adapt it to suit your class sizes

9.15am Arrival at Classic Flyers
9.25am Walk down to Tauranga City Airport Terminal
9.30am Tauranga City Airport Fire Truck Demonstration & talk
10.10am Walk back to Classic Flyers Museums
10.15am Morning Tea (Bring your own)
10.30am Flight School 101 in Hangar 5
11.30am Tour through Classic Flyers museum
12.30pm Lunch (Classic Flyers can cater – or bring own)
Lunch is hosted in Torpedo Park next to the Museum Apron (If wet we provide indoor seating).

We can supply quiz sheets and Flight School 101 Study Guides to your students and are happy to send a copy electronically prior to your visit. Each student will take away printed copies of these stdy Gudes as well as their own toy glider that they will have assembled in the Flight School 101 class to test the effect the changing flight controls has on a glider.

To enhance the flight experience even further we can offer short 20 minute flights in a "Cessna type" aircraft for up to 3 students at a time from the neighbouring Bayflight Training School. There is an additional cost for this of $80 per student. This will need to be arranged in advance of the school visit. A minimum of 3 students is required.

Cost / Payment:  THe Flight School 101 experience (including airport tour) is only $9.00 per person. This includes teachers and adults alike.  Payment is on the day of the visit.  We only invoice schools by prior arrangement.

So come on in, enjoy the moment.  Bookings are essential, so if this would be of interest to you and your students we would love to hear from you. Any queries please contact Garry on ph 5724000 or email

A group of passionate individuals got together to achieve this dream of creating Classic Flyers to protect the rich and precious history of New Zealand aviation.

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