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From Tauranga to the Trenches 2014


World War One Centenary Exhibition

Exhibition Header horozontal
Classic Flyers was proud to be the venue for a very important exhibition that commemorated the centenary of our involvement in World War One – specifically the Gallipoli campaign in the Dardanelle peninsular (Turkey) in 1915.
This exhibition was designed to honour our local Tauranga community (not just the soldiers) of 100 years ago and the sacrifices they made for us.

The exhibition ran from Saturday 25th April (Anzac Day) through to Sunday 23rd May.
We will be open every day (including Monday 27th April).
Entry is during normal museum hours (10am till 3pm – daily).

Dureing this period the exhibition was free to enter. A Donation box was run throughout the period of the exhibition with the proceeds of over $1800 going to the local RSA organisations in Tauranga and Mt Maunganui.

The exhibition will took over the entire floor space in the main Legacy Trust Hangar at Classic Flyers. There were four shipping containers containing displays and information as well as large banners and graphics and interactive activities along with genuine memorabilia and hardware that brought this unique story to life.
Container Display
Specific items covered by the exhibition include:
  1. A Timeline and World Map to provide context
  2. Vignettes on the Tauranga population and its soldiers
  3. Recognition of the contribution made by Tauranga Legacy Knitters
  4. A focus on Gallipoli
  5. A look at individual soldier experiences
  6. A look at the people back home, how they supported their soldiers, how they coped with the war and the role of the Bay of Plenty Times
  7. Coming home – soldier experiences and family grief
  8. Peace Celebrations in 1919
  9. Tauranga City Memorials – we will remember them
Fern Soldiers

Local schools took advantage of this exhibition to enforce the learnings of ANZAC and and the war i their ciriculum studies. A school pack was made available to teachers prior to their visit to the museum so that the children could get the most from the experience. In total nearly 60 school class visits came to the exhibtion from over 30 different schools in the region. Closee to 5000 chool children visited the exhibition.

The response of th people of Tauranga to this exhibition was truly impressive. Weith overall attendice figures to the exhibition being approx 15,000 visitors (including the school children). Everyone that visited through the exhibition was really impressive, moving, informative and emotive. The vistos books were filled with extremelt positive and supportive comments. Many families came away with a new found knowledge of ancestors that they never new were at Gallipoli or were even in the war!

There is also a 104 page companion book produced by Fiona Kean of the Tauranga Heritage Collection especially for the exhibition that is packed with photos, maps, diagrams and stories of the men that went to war and those that stayed behind. This book is still available from the Museum Gift Shop - only $25. For a review of this book click here.

Propably the single most impressive display in the exhibit was the massess of knitted poppies tht were produced by the hundreds of local women that knitted these individual poppies in the months leading up to the exhibition. These tirelss knitters were selebrated in a special pre-opening morning tea held at Classic Flyers. These thousands of poppies were used in a very dramatic display that made every visitor stand and think about the sacrifices made by that generation of men so that we may live in peace. 
Soldier Poppies


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