Intermediate Schools

Classic Flyers offers a Flight School 201 experience aimed at Year 7 - 8 students that integrates with the New Zealand school curriculum.

The Flight School 201 experience supports the New Zealand STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) learning approach. It consists of a class setup in our main hangar surrounded by real aircraft used to illustrate and demonstrate the following subjects:
  • The theory of flight - how airplanes fly
  • Aircraft Controls and the forces involved
  • Basic Cockpit instrumentation
  • How Aircraft engines work
  • Understand vertical flight (helicopters and drones)
  • Understand and demonstrate rocket flight trajectory
  • Build model planes and study the effect of altering flight controls
  • Understand how aircraft are constructed
  • Sit in a real aircraft and operate the controls
  • Learn about the phonetic alphabet
The Flight School 201 class is complimented by a tour of the museum where students will get to identify the the different aircraft types, wing styles and engines discussed in the class session. Students will be able to get inside and interact directly with many exhibits to reinforce the learning experience. Students will be given the opportunity to try out the flight controls in a real aircraft and understand the importance of the various cockpit instruments. For a downloadable brochure about Flight School 201 click on the button below:
School web button FS201
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Treasure Hunt Quiz & Prizes
We provide Flight School 201 study sheets and a quiz to your students (teacher will be given an answer sheet). The students can either complete the quiz sheets on-site or take them back to school to complete as part of a follow up exercise for the teacher to mark and allocate a prize as below:

  • First prize is a Classic Flyers Family Membership for one year! (Retail value $99.00) This entitles the winner to a year of free admission to the museum for them & their family, as well as 15% reward points on all café purchases and connection to our member emails. (so you can get Classic Flyers news and also see what cool events are coming up).
  • Second & Third Prizes are a Family day pass to the museum (retail value $37.50) so the winner can bring the family back for a look at the museum.
We are very happy to send a copy of the Quiz sheets electronically so you can print them off, for your students to have, in preparation for their visit.

Sample Agenda:
  • 9.30am   Arrival at Classic Flyers
  • 9.35am   Welcome and Safety Talk in the main hangar
  • 9.40am   Flight School 201 lecture
  • 10.45am Morning Tea 
  • 11.00am Group Activities in the hangar
  • 12.15am Free time in Aviation museum 
  • 12.30pm Lunch or return to school.
Morning tea or lunch is hosted in our Torpedo Park adventure playground (if wet the students can be seated in the museum hangar).

A Risk Analysis Management Document will also be provided to assist with planning your visit.

Cost / Payment: 
The Flight School 201 Experience is $10.00 per person (teachers or support adults free of charge)
Payment is required on the day of the visit in the museum Gift Shop. We can invoice schools by prior arrangement.

Bookings are essential, so if this would be of interest to you and your class, we would love to hear from you.

All queries please contact the team on 07 572 4000 or email

A group of passionate individuals got together to achieve this dream of creating Classic Flyers to protect the rich and precious history of New Zealand aviation.

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