Skyhawk Reassembly Image Gallery 2

Check out the following images taken by Classic Flyers Volunteer Geoff Tansley of the unloading and reassembly of Skyhawk NZ6201 in the main hangar of Classic Flyers on Tuesday 22nd May 2012.

If you want to see the RNZAF team in action filmed on a stop motion camera go to this web site at Sunlive. It is really impressive.

Day 2 (Unload & Assemble Front Fuselage & Wing)

This sequence of photos clearly shows how the aircraft designed by Ed Heinemann to be easily serviced in the field came together with the minimum of effort.

1 Assy Dolly unload 1
Unloading the specially designed dollies required for positioning the aircraft components for assembly
2 Tail lift 5
The tail and rear fuselage component is lifted onto the special assembly dolly
3 pushing tail inside
The tail and rear fuselage assembly of NZ6201 is wheeled into the hangar
4 tail on dolly
The tail and rear fuselage assembly awaits its turn in the assembly process
5 Tail on dolly 2
The tail assembly was designed to be removed as a complete unit to simplify the servicing of the jet engine in-situ in the cramped confines of an aircraft carrier hangar
6 Wing lift 2
The big delaa wing is prepared for lifting off the transport trailer
7 Winglift 5
The very last time the wing of NZ6201 will ever leave the ground!
8 Wing on dolly 2
The wing assembly is wheeled into the Classic Flyers hangar on its assembly dolly
9 Wing on dolly 4
Seen from this angle it looks more like a sinister UFO that has taken up residence in the Classic Flyers hangar
10 Nose on dolly 1
The front fuselage and cockpit assembly is lifted off the transporter
11 Nose on stand 3
The front fuselage assembly is craned into position on the special fuselage jacks
12 Nose & wing jig 1
With the front fuselage assembly perched high on its support jacks the wing assembly is wheeled into position beneath the fuselage
13 Nose & wing jig 4
The speacial fuselage jig is clearly shown supporting the rear half of the fuselage above the wing assembly
14 Wing jack 1
The wing is carefully jacked up to allow the mating of the wing and fuselage structures.
15 Wing jack 5
Detail view of the wing root area showing how the wing is mated to the fuselage
16 Wing alignment
Mating bolts are fitted and the wing and front fuselage are joined together for the last time
17 Tailpipe view
Next will be the turn of the tail assembly!

A group of passionate individuals got together to achieve this dream of creating Classic Flyers to protect the rich and precious history of New Zealand aviation.

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