Pilot Theory Lectures

Classic Flight Training


Course Information

The series of classes are designed to assist the student pilot in achieving examination passes in the subjects required by the NZCAA for the issue of either the Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) or the Private Pilot Licence (PPL).

Of the six different subjects involved two of them (Flight Radio and Human Factors) can be quite easily learnt by home study of the text books, while a third (Aviation Law) also lends itself to home study supplemented by our 3-day short course. Air Navigation, Aircraft Technical and Meteorology are more complex and it is recommended that students enrol in our 7-day classes to supplement their home study before attempting the examinations.


Course Duration

The course session last approx 3 hours. Each of the three major classroom subjects will require the student to attend six consecutive sessions plus a final, seventh day where practice examinations will be held before scheduling the CAA official test. Guidance will also be given to students in arranging their CAA examinations.

The shorter 3-day Aviation Law course will also benefit the ‘returning PPL’ pilots who need to sit this exam as part of their licence renewal process.


Course Costs

The three main classroom subjects (over 7 Saturday sessions) :

  • Navigation & Flight Planning
  • Pilot Meteorology
  • Aircraft Technical Knowledge:

$140 each subject (incl GST)

  • Aviation Law (over 3 sessions)

$60 (incl GST)

Classroom Facilities

The Classes are no longer run at Classic Flyers. Training is now carried our at the trainers new location in Wanaka.

Approved text books

We recommend using the Pilot Books series of text books published by Waypoints for this course which are available either singly or as a complete set from : https://www.waypoints.nz/collections/pilot-books

Additional items of equipment will also be required for the Navigation class.


How to Book

Contact Barry Gillingwater
ph 027-2954339
email barry@bga.co.nz


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